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Shortstop Comes to Town

DelaneyShortstopShortstop is my dog. I love him so much. I will tell you some things about my dog. His birthday is October 3rd. He was born October 3rd 2009. We got him from Santa Claus. We got him on December 25th 2009. Right now he is 4 in people years and he is 21 in dog years. Sometimes he is lazy and sometimes he is so energetic. He is small white and brown and black on the tip of his ears. He is also very fluffy. You are probably wondering, why is his name Shortstop. I will tell you. My brother and I both play  shortstop in baseball and softball, and at that time I wanted a puppy. My dad asked what would you name him or her, and I said Rosie. My dad did not like that name. So he said Shortstop. My mom and brother agreed. They asked Santa if his name could be Shortstop. Santa left a note and said his name was Shortstop. We found him behind all of the presents. I love him so much. This is how exciting it was when he first came to our home.