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Vote for Chris Mann on The Voice

Tonight vote for Chris Mann on The Voice. Please…. he could win tomorrow night. Vote vote vote! You can see a video he did for my mommy to thank her and her friends for voting for him….she met him at her work that is why I am asking you to vote for him. He is really good at singing. The Voice has already started…. Chris is getting ready to sing and I wish him good luck. I hope he wins this!

I also did a video for him.  Watch The Voice to see how to vote.  You can also download the song he sings tonight on itunes to help him win.

   man he lost. 😦 4th place out of all four of them I think he was the best


On   satrday  in  Arizona i went to the home run derby. Robinson Cano won the home run derby. Adrian Gonzolaz was in 2nd place.I was in Arizona for three days. we meet Cal Ripkin jr. I like him. On sunday was my birthday.I am seven now. And a new Phineas and Ferb movie is coming out.

This is me and Cooper talking about Phineas and Ferb.


Photo by Carey Schumacher, Barefoot Memories


I am going to a birthday party tonight her name is Chloe. I got Chloe a journal & a pen & a necklace. After Chloe party I am going to my mama & papa house. We will have so much fun. This week was father’s day I love my daddy because he plays softball with me and Cooper.2 and a half weeks until my birthday.

I’m a Catcher

I am on the 1 Bobbsey twin. My mommy read all the Bobbsey twins. My favorite color is Blue & purple. I had a softball game last night. I play Shortstop & second base & catcher.
My favorite position is catcher. I will write more tomorrow.

My First Post !

Delaney and Shortstop

hello my name is Delaney. I have a puppy and his name is Shortstop. I have a beautiful mommy. My mommy just wrote a book. I have the best brother in the whole wide world. I have 5 best friends. My favorite book is the Bobbsey twins. in the Bobbsey twins thar are 2 sets of  twins the first sets of  twins are Nan and Bert and the other twins Freddie and Flossie. Thar is this VBS! the VBS is fun i am in room 12 my brother cooper is in room 11. my brother just turned 5 he is a big boy now.I am going  to turn 7 in July.