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Shortstop Comes to Town

DelaneyShortstopShortstop is my dog. I love him so much. I will tell you some things about my dog. His birthday is October 3rd. He was born October 3rd 2009. We got him from Santa Claus. We got him on December 25th 2009. Right now he is 4 in people years and he is 21 in dog years. Sometimes he is lazy and sometimes he is so energetic. He is small white and brown and black on the tip of his ears. He is also very fluffy. You are probably wondering, why is his name Shortstop. I will tell you. My brother and I both play  shortstop in baseball and softball, and at that time I wanted a puppy. My dad asked what would you name him or her, and I said Rosie. My dad did not like that name. So he said Shortstop. My mom and brother agreed. They asked Santa if his name could be Shortstop. Santa left a note and said his name was Shortstop. We found him behind all of the presents. I love him so much. This is how exciting it was when he first came to our home.

Vote for Chris Mann on The Voice

Tonight vote for Chris Mann on The Voice. Please…. he could win tomorrow night. Vote vote vote! You can see a video he did for my mommy to thank her and her friends for voting for him….she met him at her work that is why I am asking you to vote for him. He is really good at singing. The Voice has already started…. Chris is getting ready to sing and I wish him good luck. I hope he wins this!

I also did a video for him.  Watch The Voice to see how to vote.  You can also download the song he sings tonight on itunes to help him win.

   man he lost. 😦 4th place out of all four of them I think he was the best

My Lesson With Twister

So today I tried out horse lessons. The horse’s name was Twister. Today Twister was very lazy. I had fun riding a horse. I had never learned how to ride a horse before. A girl named Ellen taught me how to ride Twister. It was Ellen’s horse though. At the farm, there were kittens. I got to see  four baby kittens. I got to see a baby horse. He was born May 2nd 2012. The horse was sooooo cute. So were the kittens. One kitten got out but we got it. So would you like me to tell you what me and Twister did? yes, no, maybe so I am going to tell you any way. So we did a two point, and that is when you stand up and he was walking or he was trotting. Trotting is when the horse would go a little faster than walking.  The lesson was one hour. Then we had to go. The End


I went to California. First I went to legoland. and than I went to the wild animal park. Oh and I was visiting my Nana and Duke. now lets get back to that. Ok and we  went to this Dinner.then I went to the fireworks. Then I went to the park. I had so so so so so much fun. So did my brother. At legoland we went on so many  rides. my Nana and Duke have 2 dogs. I went to the Beach and made a sand castle.I can’t wait to go back.


On   satrday  in  Arizona i went to the home run derby. Robinson Cano won the home run derby. Adrian Gonzolaz was in 2nd place.I was in Arizona for three days. we meet Cal Ripkin jr. I like him. On sunday was my birthday.I am seven now. And a new Phineas and Ferb movie is coming out.

This is me and Cooper talking about Phineas and Ferb.

Delaney’s Video Response to Questions

Delaney wanted to read and respond to some of the questions she received in the comments from her first post….

My First Post !

Delaney and Shortstop

hello my name is Delaney. I have a puppy and his name is Shortstop. I have a beautiful mommy. My mommy just wrote a book. I have the best brother in the whole wide world. I have 5 best friends. My favorite book is the Bobbsey twins. in the Bobbsey twins thar are 2 sets of  twins the first sets of  twins are Nan and Bert and the other twins Freddie and Flossie. Thar is this VBS! the VBS is fun i am in room 12 my brother cooper is in room 11. my brother just turned 5 he is a big boy now.I am going  to turn 7 in July.