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Tonight vote for Chris Mann on The Voice. Please…. he could win tomorrow night. Vote vote vote! You can see a video he did for my mommy to thank her and her friends for voting for him….she met him at her work that is why I am asking you to vote for him. He is really good at singing. The Voice has already started…. Chris is getting ready to sing and I wish him good luck. I hope he wins this!

I also did a video for him.  Watch The Voice to see how to vote.  You can also download the song he sings tonight on itunes to help him win.

   man he lost. 😦 4th place out of all four of them I think he was the best

Comments on: "Vote for Chris Mann on The Voice" (8)

  1. Sweet girl – thank you so much for posting this. I have loved watching The Voice with you. You know I told Chris all about you – so I love hearing you sing your vote for him! (you KNOW I love to hear you sing!) I’m proud of you. You are doing a great job with your blog. Keep posting.

    • yes I love waching the voice with you to wow! you told Chris about me so cool yes you do love hereing me sing I love hering you sing too can I snuggle with you right now when we are waching the voice yes I will keep posting so that you and daddy can keep commenting on my postes I love you xoxo

  2. Ally Stewart said:

    Delaney, this was such a great post! Plus you have an amazing voice that one day millions will be privileged to hear.

  3. MaryAnne said:

    Delaney, I will be sure to vote for him. I liked him already but your endorsement shoved me over the edge. You have REALLY good taste in singers!!!

    • Yes every body would like Chris if they wached him even once he is amazing. thank you my family says i am good to thank you for voting for Chris he could even win the voice my mom met him when she was at work I hope he wins.

  4. awww man that stinks Delaney Chris lost I feel so bad for you and man he was in 4th place I thought he was the best just like you do

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