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So today I tried out horse lessons. The horse’s name was Twister. Today Twister was very lazy. I had fun riding a horse. I had never learned how to ride a horse before. A girl named Ellen taught me how to ride Twister. It was Ellen’s horse though. At the farm, there were kittens. I got to see  four baby kittens. I got to see a baby horse. He was born May 2nd 2012. The horse was sooooo cute. So were the kittens. One kitten got out but we got it. So would you like me to tell you what me and Twister did? yes, no, maybe so I am going to tell you any way. So we did a two point, and that is when you stand up and he was walking or he was trotting. Trotting is when the horse would go a little faster than walking.  The lesson was one hour. Then we had to go. The End


Comments on: "My Lesson With Twister" (10)

  1. Sweet girl – I cannot even tell you how proud I was while I watched you during your first lesson. You did a wonderful job. You were a natural on Twister. (I will confess that I cried!) I love watching you have fun and try new things. Ellen said you did a great job! I can’t wait to see you try again! I love you.

    • thank you mom i would love waching you do the same thing thank you for being there to wach me i really had fun riding on Twister thank you mom i love you xoxo

  2. Hey there Kiddo- I’m very happy that you enjoyed your first lesson. It was so much fun to watch you ride “Twister” on your own. I’m looking forward to your next ride. I love you.

    • oh i am riding next time yes i did it on my own the FIRST time i did not think i could do it the first lesson some kids can do amazing stuff and i am going to do it next time but……………. when am i going to do it again and you called me kiddo and not delaney or mini but i am happy with that i am fine with what ever nick name you call me bye

  3. goybacs said:

    Delaney, how exciting! My daughter, Maggie, has been riding for years (we have a horse named Frosty) and she loves it. Two point is hard and takes a lot of strength to stay up for a long time! Good for you for learning that at your first lesson! WOW! Frosty and Maggie can jump 3 foot jumps now! YIKES! Can you imagine?

    • wow you have a horse named Frosty no I can not imagine it is just my first time thank you the horse I was riding the horse name is Twister thank you

  4. You look great! Better than my first lesson 😛 Great job!

  5. wow you did a awesome job and you post

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