Putting my thoughts online, having a good time….

Delaney wanted to read and respond to some of the questions she received in the comments from her first post….

Comments on: "Delaney’s Video Response to Questions" (12)

  1. Piper_E13 said:

    Great job, Delaney and Mom! So very cute too!

  2. Wow Delaney. You are an amazingly good reader… are you sure you’re only seven?

    I have two little girls, Sophia is 3 and Julia just turned 6.

  3. Awesome video Delaney! I have a question: what would you do if your mom served you green bean quesadillas? 🙂

  4. Delaney, you read very well! You might like the Boxcar Children and Trixie Belden books, too. They were my favorites when I was your age.

    I would like to read a post about how you lost your teeth and if the Tooth Fairy visited you!

  5. Priceless!

    She reads well and is well spoken. Good job Delaney!

    Can’t wait to see where you go with this.

    Haven’t read Boxcar Children, but I loved to read at your age.

    Please keep blogging.

    @tojosan on Twitter

  6. I love your crazy faces and your silly crossed eyes! I love this blog too. I can’t wait to read more that you have written. You are beautiful just like your momma!

  7. Delaney you are absolutely adorable!

    I second Arianne’s statement. You are beautiful, just like your mama. 🙂

  8. Jon Elliott said:

    Wow! This is GREAT Delaney! I’m so happy you are blogging. I’m very proud of you. What do you want to do when you come to visit Nana & me in August?



  9. Delaney I am so proud of you. Your blog is great! I read the Bobbsey twins when I was your age and then Mommy read them when she was my little girl and now you are reading them. What is your favoite Bobbsey Twins book so far? I read Trixie Beldon when I was a little girl too! Duke and I can’t wait to see you in just 7 weeks.

  10. Hi Delaney

    My name is Dede. I found your blog today, and you are one totally rocca rolla girl.

    If you enjoy softball, now, in the future no one will ever accuse you of “Throwing Like a Girl”.

    Since you are such a good reader, I thought I would share my favorite word to spell.

    This word will come in extra handy for spelling bees.

    Antidisestablishmentarianism has a whopping 28 letters and 12 syllables
    Pronunciation =>http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/53/Antidis.ogg

    I hope you enjoy your summer, read fun books under trees, and have a great softball season.


  11. A Maltese shitzu. Very cool.

    Thank you for answering my question!

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