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Photo by Carey Schumacher, Barefoot Memories


I am going to a birthday party tonight her name is Chloe. I got Chloe a journal & a pen & a necklace. After Chloe party I am going to my mama & papa house. We will have so much fun. This week was father’s day I love my daddy because he plays softball with me and Cooper.2 and a half weeks until my birthday.

I’m a Catcher

I am on the 1 Bobbsey twin. My mommy read all the Bobbsey twins. My favorite color is Blue & purple. I had a softball game last night. I play Shortstop & second base & catcher.
My favorite position is catcher. I will write more tomorrow.

Delaney’s Video Response to Questions

Delaney wanted to read and respond to some of the questions she received in the comments from her first post….

My First Post !

Delaney and Shortstop

hello my name is Delaney. I have a puppy and his name is Shortstop. I have a beautiful mommy. My mommy just wrote a book. I have the best brother in the whole wide world. I have 5 best friends. My favorite book is the Bobbsey twins. in the Bobbsey twins thar are 2 sets of  twins the first sets of  twins are Nan and Bert and the other twins Freddie and Flossie. Thar is this VBS! the VBS is fun i am in room 12 my brother cooper is in room 11. my brother just turned 5 he is a big boy now.I am going  to turn 7 in July.